Sunday, June 26, 2011

We can rise above our challenges

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where to put the shoes, purses and other items . . .

We have started working on the Master Bedroom Closet.

We began to gut it out and I began to save the boards for my vinyl projects.

I thought why purchase wood when I have fifty year old season wood.

This is going to be a great summer.

Change is good and fun.



Sunday, April 24, 2011

He has Risen, He has Risen, tell it to all the world!

Today I received a text.

First what is a text, a message sent onto your cell phone, a written message from a friend.

The message wished me a Happy Easter.

I responded with my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. Today we had a wonderful Sacrament meeting, the members that were asked to bear their testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I was reminded of the love our Savior has for each of us, his unconditional love, his sacrifice, so that we each can come to understand the plan we are all given here on earth.

We have choices to make, we can go and ask for help to keep us on the right path or we can say nay, I don't need anyone's help I can do it all myself.

If we choose to do it ourselves, then we will have a longer road. If we choose to ask for help and give service to others then our road will seem smoother and it will be peaceful even with trials that if we will listen he will help us everyday.

I read an old post today of a young baby of ten days old called home. Why would he be called home at only ten days. When you ask why sometimes you miss the reason of why he was here. He was here to bring joy to all who knew him. Yet when he was called home many asked why. Why not call him home, he had served his mission on earth. Why did he leave this family, he had given them joy and Heavenly Father knew they would be great parents to the other children he was going to send. The love his parents showed to everyone that knew them and others that learned of their loss, has touched many people they don't even know. That was the plan for their son to be called home. So they could be witnesses and testify that our Heavenly Father hears our prayers that he is there for us at all times.

We were very blessed this month, we had a beautiful baby girl born to our family. She is healthy and is loved by us all. She is the newest member of our family sent from heaven.

We also had a new life just beginning to grow and started to be excited to have another addition to our family in the fall. That ended and the wait for the passing seemed to take much longer. Yet, we had the chance to put the power of prayer to the test. Not to see if the prayers would be answered but to see if we had the faith in our Heavenly Father to answer them.

So I testify today that I know that with faith and with prayer he does know our hearts, but he knows us more if we are on our knees and if we are asking with a sincere heart. He has brought peace to my heart and he has strengthened my faith in prayer. It is so important to pray daily. To remind us that we are not on this journey by ourselves. We are on this journey with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ together with us.

May we always strive each day to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ, that we will remember our prayers for guidance and thanksgiving from our Heavenly Father.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Lucky Number Seven has arrived

Well, our "Lucky number Seven" is here!!!

On the 5 April 2011 at 5:55 a.m. a beautiful baby girl was born to Shaleah and Scott.

They named her Scarlett Ava.

She is 19.5 inches long, weighs 7.1 and has dark hair, dark eyelashes, with very long finger and is lovely and has very peaceful spirit.

She is just a gift from Heaven to her family.

love you,

The Eye's of March

Well, we began this month with lots of loss with family and friends.

On the 4th we lost Uncle-Grandpa Bud at the age of 84. We both flew to Salt Lake City, Utah for a very short but full two days. We went to the 1st Cemetary in Salt Lake City, Utah and found many family members tombstones. We spent nearly 4 hours there, really!

Then we went to the Hilton Head Hotel, in Draper, Utah. We stayed with cousins. What a wonderful visit and fun time we had in the Austin, Texas room ;.)

We attended the funeral for Grandpa Bud and saw many family members. That is the best part of attending funerals all of the family and friends you can be with.

In returning I learned that Granma Benevides was very ill and passed away at the age of 84. They had a private funeral and will celebrate her life in May.

Next we celebrated our 37th year in marriage and loved our time together.

We returned to learn that two of our friends passed away. Brother Jon Dimter of liver cancer and Bishop Phillip Lammi of a brain bleed. The fourth in one month.

The girls and I attended Bishop Lammi's funeral. Where we connected with many friends from Fremont that had moved away. Also to see 12 of the 14 children of the Lammi's. Two of their children had passed on LeeAnn at the age of six and Neil at the age of 40 due to brain cancer.

It is very hard to have our loved ones move forward onto the next life with our Heavenly Father. It is a wonderful testimony to us of life continuing on for eternity.

Happy beginning of 38th Anniversary with My SweetHeart ;.)

Where has the time gone for the past 37 years???

Yes, we really should put the real years up that would be, 47 years!!!

Of course we meet at a very young age ;.)

Little did he realize that I was told that we would be married one day.
He thought he married me for my "Red Car" ;.)
Really someone with much more knowledge knew that was the just the bait ;.)

So we went to the Los Angeles Temple and were married for Time and All Eternity.

Love You for Eternity,

Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 1st of March

Well, in 6 days it will be the anniversary of Gramma Psuik returning home to Heavenly Father and just two days later her eternal companion joined her.

They had a double funeral. What a beautiful blessing for the family and a great loss to each of us.

Gramma Psuik and Grandpa Psuik were able to give Collin a big hug and smooch before he came to his mom and dad the day after their funeral.

Collin will turn nine, where have these years gone???

We will celebrate our thirty-seventh year together as eternal companions on this earth. Where is the time going.

We have been very blessed these past years together.

Love for each other through mountains and valleys.

Four delightful children that still bring us smiles.

Three more children that bring us joy and happiness.

Six more grandchildren and soon to be seven, who bring us more smiles and fun times.

That is what this journey is really all about, Family.

love you,